Creating a New Kind of OWL: Online Writing Support that Makes a Difference

  The Excelsior College Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a 2014 recipient of the WCET Outstanding Work (WOW) Award and will accept the award at the WCET Annual Meeting. Today Crystal Sands,... [ read more ]

Good Enough vs Better – Considerations for Developing a Print Strategy for Your Book

A friend was recently in touch about helping with a publishing project. She said: “I’d like to take my hardcover book – which was published traditionally – to paperback. I own the... [ read more ]

Home Depot Repairs Following Cyber-Attack

Yet another retailer has been hacked and everyone involved in the incident is scrambling to determine the amount of damage done. Home Depot announced Tuesday that it is cooperating with investigators to... [ read more ]

“How The Regulatory Trifecta is Wrapping Higher Ed in Red Tape”

State authorization, gainful employment and the credit hour; these three regulatory areas are the focus of the Department of Education’s so-called “Program Integrity” regulations. Issued together in 2010, these three rules have... [ read more ]

Students Often Confused by the Complexities of Plagiarism

In my last blog on plagiarism, I explored the complicated nature of plagiarism, how plagiarism is relative to a culture, a field, and even a specific situation. In the end, I called... [ read more ]

Michael Daniels: Cyber-Lite or Just Right?

Recently Michael Daniels, the cyber security czar for the Obama administration openly admitted during an interview with GovInfoSecurity that his technical expertise in the digital domain was very limited. Timothy Lee in... [ read more ]

“Inventing the Cloudbuster”

Excelsior College’s Dr. David Seelow will appear tonight on an episode of Travel Channel’s “Monumental Mysteries” centered on Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a brilliant, marginalized, and eccentric psychiatrist. The program, which airs at... [ read more ]