E-book Subscriptions: For Readers, the World is Your Oyster. Or Is It?

If you’re someone the e-book industry labels a “power reader,” then you’ve likely discovered subscriptions. Since September 2013, a start-up, Oyster, has been all the rage. They’ve designed a curated method (human... [ read more ]

Federal Policy, the Election, and the Changing Ivory Tower

On November 5, Excelsior College President John Ebersole will take part on a Cato Institute panel exploring the impact of federal higher education policy. Visit the Cato Event page to register to... [ read more ]

Dying in America

Deborah Golden Alecson, a faculty member in the Schools of Health Science and Nursing, joins the Excelsior Life Distance EDU on Demand podcast show to discuss a September 2014 report issued by... [ read more ]

Are Millennials Clueless About Cyber?

As this is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, this is a perfect time to comment on a recent article that highlighted the lack of awareness of cyber security that young adults (millennials?) seem... [ read more ]

Dr. Rena Jones On Ebola’s Arrival In U.S.

Health officials in Texas say they have contacted 80 people who may have had direct or indirect contact with a man from Liberia who is now being treated in Dallas for Ebola.... [ read more ]

11 Ways to Make Your Life After 50 a Great One

As a friend once said to me: If you’re going to live, you’re going to get older. It kind of comes down to that, right? Time marches on, as they say. Getting... [ read more ]

Three Misconceptions about the Separation of Instruction and Assessment

In a recent article in The EvoLLLution, David Schejbal pointed out some advantages of separating assessment from instruction. The argument, essentially, is that since quality assurance happens as learning is assessed, we... [ read more ]